Wednesday, April 24, 2013

In response to Kaley DeBoer's post

Do you believe social media marketing is beneficial, or do you think it hasn't quite reached it's maturity enough to be successful?

I personally believe that social media marketing is beneficial. Social media is becoming more and more popular with today's society, and does not have any intention of stopping. Within the upcoming years, social media will continue to grow, and I feel as though social media marketing is great for making a business successful. For businesses that have Twitter or Facebook pages, this opens up an entire world for the business to market in. Overall, I think that social media benefits businesses substantially.


This week in class we talked about sampling. Sampling occurs when the researcher gathers information from the subset of a population to make inferences. When sampling, it is a good idea to randomize where you get the information from, or else you might get false results.
When sampling, there are two different types of sampling, a sampling error, and a non sampling error. A sampling error occurs in the difference between the truth of the target population and its sample estimate. Non-sampling error is a measurement error, which are mistakes made by the researcher such as recording the information incorrectly, gathering it incorrectly, etc.

Can you think of a point in time where there was a sampling error? What about a non sampling error?