Thursday, February 28, 2013

In Response to Tammy Chou

Which category of new product do you think is the most popular, why? Do you think by looking at the new product of Diet Pepsi with its new packaging it would target you to buy the product?

            I believe that the category of new product that is most popular would have to be additions to existing product lines. Many companies already have really successful product lines that they would not think to get rid of, but they also want to expand on their customer's favorite products. Additions to existing product lines would expand the products, and give consumers a bigger variety of the the product that they love and enjoy.
            Looking at the new product of Diet Pepsi, I would definitely buy the new product. The new product packaging is sleek, new and fresh for todays consumers. If I saw new packaging for Diet Pepsi, I would definitely want to try it out considering I already enjoy the other Diet Pepsi products.

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