Thursday, March 7, 2013

Consumer Involvement

     In class this week, we talked about the factors determining the level of consumer involvement. The level of involvement in the purchase depends on the following factors:

1. Previous experience- when consumers have had previous experience with a good or service, the level of involvement typically decreases. After repeated product trials, consumer learn to make quick choices.

2. Interest- Involvement in directly related to consumer interests, as in cars, music, movies, or electronics. A person highly involved in their interest, such as bikes, will be more interested in that topic and spend much more time evaluating different types of bikes.

3. Perceived risk of negative consequences- As the perceived risk in purchasing a product increases, so does the consumer's level of involvement. The types of risk that concern consumers include financial risk, social risk, and psychological risk.

4. Social visibility- Involvement also increases as the social visibility of a product increases. They make a statement about the purchaser and carry a social risk.

What level do you think relates most to your consumer involvement?

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